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Patriot Power Greens a Placebo? Read Consumer Reviews

Patriot health alliance’s product patriot power greens which is reportedly been manufactured by ex servicemen. The idea came into existence when one of the servicemen became serious with his fitness and was not up to the level of the fresh recruits. His muscle pain and memory problem was eating him from inside. Then with the help of some nutritionists he was able to formula the mixture of 42 vegetable 7 enzymes and and 11 probiotic strains. He formulated a super food containing all ingredients, vitamins and proteins body needed badly.

Aging is not a thing of ignore, it causes muscle pain, baldness, hairfall, dry skin, wrinkles, joint pain, memory loss and several other symptoms and diseases. Nutritional Supplements in these days claim to make you powerful again with reactive and highly dangerous ingredients. These ingredients sometimes are prohibited by FDA and can cause kidney to heart failure. So before trying any such product you should think about yourself. It is never too late nor it takes too much of your time to investigate the thing you are about to consume. Nature has countless plants, flowers, herbs , foods, vegetables and so on, each and every product of nature has its own advantages, drawback and severe consequences. Don’t go after a product saying 100% natural ingredients: as nature also produces poison will you dare to take that in. This is what I am going to tell you that consuming any product or supplement BLINDLY might prove later, that it was a slow poison for you.

Who should you consume it?

This formula was especially formulated for men over 50 men with joint cracking and paining stiff muscles with memory problem. Quoting Dr. Lane Sebring joint pains, heart health anti-aging and other health issues seem different but those are all same and are inter related. Inflammation which seems unrelated but it actually affects the whole body and spices up the aging signs. Inflammation causes to the following health issues.

  • It contributes to joint pain, back pain, stiff muscles and cell degeneration.
  • Physical issues. Memory problem and ambiguous memory.
  • Heartburn, issues in arteries and allergies which might cause hypertension and blood pressure.

Medical science is helpless about ache pains and stiff muscles but nature is not. The selective vegetable, fruits, enzymes used in this formula bolsters the immune system of the body against these common problems found in adults and aged people. Due to the alkaline source food present in the patriot power greens the acids in the body gets neutralized and aids you in treating inflammation.

You can also eat alkaline rich foods by your own but it is not easy to eat those foods 6 to 8 times in a day to get enough alkaline to treat your problems. That is the sole reason that you can get required amount of anti-acidic alkaline from power greens only.

patriot power green Pack

How does it work?

Patriot power greens is a super food or can be termed as supreme food has powerful ingredients which fill your body with phytochemicals, probiotics, enzymes which contributes to the body’s defence against common diseases and inflammation which coerce body slowly and steadily.

Phytochemicals which are only present in foods are metabolized by the enzymes which metabolize other substances. In some researches it was seen that Phyto-nutrients contain anticancer effects and posses chemotherapeutic characteristics even in cell lines. It is also extremely helpful in pre-cancer days. Lycopene saves you from oxidative damage of cancer tissues it is found in tomato. These phytonutrients have also anti-obesity effects on human body. In Patriot power greens as I have earlier told there are so much phytochemicals and nutrients available that if you are not a nutritionist then you can even not imagine it. Those nutrients are almost perfect for your body and common diseases cannot even pass by you. The body’s internal defence gets a big boost due to these phytochemicals. Those clear your body from acidity, inflammation, fatique, muscle pain, laziness, memory problem make you pro active and youthful as you were some 30 to 35 years ago.

By taking this supplement you don’t have to repent on your lost youth and energy because it will transform you in a new you with ultimately no side effect.

How to use?

It is not packed in a capsule neither it is a pill as it comes and a straight forward mixed form in a container pack. It has enough servings for your 2 months. You just need to take one to two spoons as a single dose three times a day. It has some delicious flavors so that it becomes easy for you to ingest or gulp. Nutritional facts of patriot power greens are shown in below picture.


Where to Buy?

It is available at some of popular retail stores like Amazon and GNC but you to be vigilant before buying so that you don’t get some fake PPG pack. For your safety we recommend to buy it directly from manufacturer’s website so that you could avoid any scam.


Faundel: I have been on pills as my nights were dreamless and I was unable to fell into slumber. Even the doorbell of my neighbor’s could easily awake me from my sleep. My whole days were tense and I was not able to day my work with my full potential. I was always fatigued with pain and stiff muscles. Life was joyless, fun void and I was becoming sack of boredom. Then Alex, my childhood friend came with a jar labeled as Patriot power greens and he told me to try that supplement. I was reluctant but in youth-less life the bait of youth gives a great courage and then I tried that. Nothing it did not for the whole 3 days of its regular usage. I called Alex and told him what kind of placebo it is although it is tasty but it is nothing but he insisted to use at least a month. Thank God! I had not to wait for months it just gave me the current in my life in just a week with a load of energy in me. I would sleep 12 am at night and wake up 6:30 at morning with rejuvenated me. You can talk about for the whole day with me as I am already telling and recommending it to others whoever I meet.

Alex: I saw this new superfood at Amazon and I bought it without any hassle. I did not know that it would be so powerful. Without going into long debate let me simply say that it is awesome!.

Jushua: I bought it due to its inflammation claims as my condition was pretty bad and it was worsening day by day. Within two weeks of its consumption as somewhat okay with inflammation it was reduced by 80% and after a month I was like I had never any inflammation, gastro-intestine pain. I am thankful to patriot health alliance. You guys really rock!.

Nerve-Aid Supplement Reviews and Side Effects With Real Results

Alcoholism, Diabetes, Chemotherapy, Facial nerve problems, HIV infection and spine surgeries are the obvious causes of neuropathy pain. The sensory system gets affected by the sudden injury. It breaks the transmission system towards the brain. The condition causes persistent pain. Even in severe cases, it can cause a feeling of numbness. There are a lot of medicines available in the market to enhance the nerves. These nerves have to control the impaired signals to relieve the pain. But most of the available medicines act like drugs as they do not make you feel anything. Isn’t it that you need something that heals your pain at the cellular level and lasts longer? Scientists have developed a pain relief supplement for you. Let’s dive into this clinically proven supplement called Nerve-Aid.


Nerve-Aid supplement is a natural herb formula to heal the affected nerves. It reduces the chronic pains at the cellular level. It excessively restores the blood flow to gain the most relief. It is so far the best supplement for neuropathy pain. The manufacturers claim that it is the last solution you will ever need to get rid of the tiresome pain.

  • It reduces the burning nerve pains.
  • It heals the nerve tissues at the cellular level. It leads to permanent pain relief.
  • The blood flow improves by using Nerve-Aid.
  • The ingredients result in mental relaxation and stress relief.
  • The improved mood results in better sleep.
  • It improves the numbness condition

All the credit goes to the proper blend of the natural ingredients needed for pain relief.


The formula contains the ingredients from the most trustworthy sources. It includes the perfect and defined ratio of nutrients. All the ingredients are well researched in the field of neuropathy. Following is the list of enriched ingredients.

1-            The essential vitamins: This blend includes Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 along with Vitamin K, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, and Copper.

  • In the diabetic patient’s deficiency of Vitamin D is the main risk of neuropathy pains. Vitamin D is added to regulate the neuronal excitability of the nerve cells. It adds the sensitivity to the neurotransmitters and their receptors.
  • The B vitamins have been so far performing best for neuropathy. Vitamin B1 is naturally obtained from red meat and dietary products. Vitamin B1 performs the protective actions on the axonal membrane and other important nerve cells.
  • Vitamin B6 is naturally obtained from fish, beef, fruits and starchy vegetables. Its deficiency in the body can cause injuries and inflammation of the tissues.
  • Vitamin B12 is easily obtained from fish, poultry and other dairy products. It helps to generate new nerve cells.
  • Combination of Vitamin K, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese and copper results in improved sensitivity of insulin. It also protects the peripheral system of the body.

2-            The Energy boosters: It includes a strong blend of Acetyl- L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic with Berberine.

  • Acetyl -L-Carnitine is naturally available in red meat. It acts as a strong antioxidant and provides protection to active cells.
  • Alpha Lipoic acid shows its advantages for diabetes and nerve diseases. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant to protect your health.
  • Berberine comes from many plants like tree turmeric and gold thread. It acts for the mental and brain health.

3-            The soothing and calming agent: It includes herb, Bacopa Monnier. It acts as therapy for anxiety and depression. It acts four times more effective if you are a diabetic patient.

The comprehensive nature of the ingredients results in something really effective. The authenticity proof of Nerve-Aid supplement is given by many happy customers.

Testimonials from users:

Sarah Sophia -45 said, ” I am a physician by profession. By deeply analyzing the formula of Nerve-Aid supplement, I used it for myself.  I highly recommend it to my patients. It acquires natural soothing properties. It really helped many of my patients to heal successfully. It does not have a single side effect. Including myself and my other patients have reported a complete recovery in 1 month. It is really awesome and well appreciated.”

Joh Abraham-52 added, “I had spinal disc dehydration, one year back. I was on complete bed rest. My left leg had a burning pain. Many of the doctors recommended surgery and expensive injections. I found them too risky. One of my old friends ordered Nerve-Aid supplement for me. I started to use the NerveAid with some easier body exercises. It really helped me more than anything. I can now walk easily. All my pain is gone. Thanks to NerveAid. It is highly recommended for all types of neuropathy pain.”

These are the real points because of which NerveAid is liked over all the other supplement available. Let’s point out some more of them.

Why it is preferred over other supplements available in the market for Neuropathy pain relief?

  • It does not cause swelling of ankles.
  • It does not lead to increased levels of Creatinine Kinase, which is the cause of kidney diseases.
  • It prevents Hemangiosarcoma in any case. It is basically a cancer of blood vessels.
  • It does not adversely affect the platelet count.
  • It does not swell the throat, which is life threatening in many cases.
  • Some of the prescribed supplements lead to muscular degeneration, which can cause calcification or inflammation.

The other prescribed supplements have led to such side-effects many times. These side effects are even more horrible than the already existing neuropathy pain.

What are the precautions?

  • The product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.
  • Consult your doctor before the start of the supplement.
  • The results may vary from person to person depending upon the patients.
  • The supplement is available online only.

How to order the NerveAid Online?

You are lucky to buy the supplement as it comes with a complete money back guarantee. If it does not seem to work for you; you can save your money. Or be ready to get the result, which is the most probable case. You can claim your order at the official website. Or grab your phone and call at 1-888-627-4515 to process your order.

What is the price of this remarkable supplement?

To help the customers, NerveAid supplement comes in three different packages:

  • Silver package: It has one bottle which costs $69.95 with shipment charges of $6.95 only.
  • Gold package: It has three bottles which cost $129.95 with shipment charges of $12.95 only.
  • Platinum package: It has four bottles which cost $149.95 with shipment charges of $14.95 only.

Each bottle of NerveAid has 90 capsules.


The bottom line is, Nerve Aid Supplement is the hottest pain relief available in the market. If you really want a permanent freedom and relief. It will aid in any type of neuropathy pain at any stage. It will act, whether its earlier pain or complete numbness. So order it today and change your life for good.

pro test 180 for physical energy and intimate endurance

Preparing for your physical health is as much important as to prepare for future financial security. As the man ages; he goes through many favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Muscular mass starts decreasing with decreased level of testosterone in man. Muscles entirely work as an engine for our body system. Without muscles, we cannot do anything with our body. It is necessary to maintain our muscles with proper guidance. Muscles add to your health and make you look attractive. The muscular body is also a key to passionate and satisfied sexual life. Nowadays, the hectic routines do not allow the man to work much for a healthier body. So, start your muscle fitness plan by adding a pre-workout supplement in your diet called Pro Test 180. Let’s dive into it.

About Pro Test 180:

Pro Test 180 is a testosterone booster just launched in the market in 2017. The manufacturers, Finish First, claim it to be the best pre-workout supplement. It helps attaining the ripped, rock muscle and unstoppable sex drive. It is a 100% natural formula. It is made up of all pure natural herbs. It is significantly synthesized to maximize your hard work out in the gym. It results in healthy muscle growth, reduced recovery time and increased libido. Pro Test 180 can also be used to fight major sexual issues. The sexual issues focused are premature ejaculation, decreased sex drive, and small size of the male organ. Pro Test 180 is available in the form of powder and tablets in different flavors. Flavors include watermelon, sour candy, Fruit punch, Island cooler and blue raspberry.

What are the powerful ingredients of Pro Test 180?

Pro Test 180 does not contain any artificial filler to increase the effectiveness of the supplement. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are the major amino acids used in every Testo Booster available in the market. They both are mainly responsible for balancing the male hormones and raising the level of nitric oxide. But the perk about Pro Test 180 is, it contains such herbs, vitamins, and minerals which enhance the formulation. This formulation makes Pro Test 180 the extraordinary demanded supplement of the present time. It further includes Horny Goat weed extract, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Ginseng blend, Fenugreek extract, long Jack and Saw Palmetto.

How does the Pro Test 180 formula work?

This remarkable formula assembles the healthy muscular growth in the following manner:

The release of powerful ingredients with absorption in the blood: As soon as the supplement enters the body, the ingredients with vitamins and minerals dissolve into the blood. It gets absorbed into the blood stream. It reaches each and every muscle of the body. The nutrients make the muscles to grow in a healthy and active manner.

Stimulation of the level of Nitric Oxide: The nutrients inside blood initiate the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels. It makes them open wide. The enlarged vessels allow the maximum blood to pass and deliver the nutrients everywhere inside the body.

Optimizing level of testosterone: This blood flow boosts the level of testosterone. It also activates the inactive testosterone. The increased level of testosterone, hence finally results in increased sex drive, the best sex execution with a prolonged erection. This testosterone boost is also responsible for maximizing your workout session. It also helps in the elongation of hard training with minimum cut recovery. Thus the bottom line is it helps you enhance your stamina and build rocky muscles.

How to use Pro Test 180 to make it more effective?

It includes the simple practice. Pro Test 180 is available in the form of powder and tablets. In the case of powder take one scoop in 5-6 oz. of water in a single dosage. Two dosages are recommended per day. In the case of tablets, the bottle consists of 180 tablets. Take two tablets of Pro Test 180, one in the morning and the other before the bedtime. It is also effective to take one tablet before the exercise session and the other before the intercourse. Take the tablet with fresh water. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. It should be kept in mind that regular exercise and a healthy diet are even much more important than the supplement. To see the promising results, take the supplement daily for a minimum of 90 days.

What are the benefits of using Pro Test 180?

  • It boosts the production of testosterone and activates the already existing testosterone in the body.
  • It results in increased energy level, which makes you perform at the gym with enhancing stamina.
  • It results in the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels.
  • It increases the density of muscular mass, making them solid and bigger.
  • It reduces the recovery time in the gym to perform more sessions.
  • It also reverses your sexual life with increased libido.
  • It helps you satisfy your partner and feel more confident.
  • It also helps to improve the conditions of premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, and other sexual issues.
  • It is all-natural composition.
  • It is 100% effective and safe.
  • It increases the metabolism rate.
  • Increased metabolism results in weight loss.
  • It works with a natural system of the body.
  • It is available online. 250 trials of the supplement are sent per day.

Does the Pro Test 180 have reported any side-effect?

Pro Test 180 has resulted in 100% effective results. It has been evaluated by many clinical tests to mark its authenticity. It does not have any side effect as it is the entire natural package.  For further avoiding any side effects one should use the recommended dosage. Over dosage may cause nausea and dehydration.

What are the Real opinions of users of Pro Test 180?

Johnny said, “This is the newest formula in the market; it was a bit risky to take it. I have gained 15 pounds of muscle mass without eating too many pills. I just love it. I can’t wait to get my new Pro Test 180 bottle. Highly recommended supplement for your strength”

William said, “Because of a 15-hour office job, I was not able to spend more time in the gym. Going through some muscle building sites, I got to see the reviews of Pro Test 180. Today I proudly say I ordered it and got the remarkable results. It is helping me to grow my muscle mass in a healthy manner. It also keeps an active all around for sexual pleasure. I am so happy that with the lesser time, lesser amount, I am getting my body healthier and healthier.”

How to order the Pro Test 180?

Pro Test 180 is available online on the official website with a risk-free trial. It can also be ordered at other famous online stores. To know more about the risk-free trials you can send your queries at support@protest180 and call 1800-5852-5974.

What are the precautions?

  • It is recommended for men only.
  • Minors should avoid the supplement.
  • Maintain a healthier diet and regular exercise.
  • Take the recommended dosage.
  • Store it in dry and cool place.


You’re reading it because somewhere you lack the competency, you feel exhausted in your gym sessions, and you are losing interest in your sex life. Now it’s time to act. Features of Pro Test 180 are more than sure for providing you the well-toned, solid muscles. It clearly claimed to solve all your sexual issues. So wait for none and order it today to get the remarkable results.

Muscle Boost X Scam To Build Lean Body- If It Is Effective?

Building muscles and hitting the gym to gain strength is a new inclination found in men nowadays. A muscular man does not only look good, but it also proves the healthy lifestyle, discipline, and self-control of an individual. Looking good is a golden premium but,  most necessarily muscles play an important role in aiding the health and fitness. Muscles help your body to use the indulged carbohydrates into useful energy and do not allow the carbohydrates to be stored as fats. Thus, muscles leave a healthy impression on your metabolism rate, body weight, resistance towards diseases and stresses.

By the years passing the health concerns also startto increase in men as in women. The busy life schedule leaves today men totally tedious to enjoy sex perks after a hectic day. The condition becomes even worse after the year’spass. According to the research, after 30’s the testosterone levels tend to decrease in men.By the growing age,  men do not only become physically but also sexually weak. Now is the time to urge for a strong body, increased stamina,and active sex life with your partner.

With no doubts maintaining healthy eating habits and training hard have always been fruitful. But to achieve the desired body and strength in your 30’s, science has provided a single solution for your multiple concerns in the form of a supplement called Muscle Boost X.

About Muscle Boost X

Muscle Boost X is a natural product which claims to increase your muscle mass and stamina as well.It is designed to balance a number of male dominant hormones, especially testosterone by activating the glands producing them and most importantly it increases the nitric oxide (NO)  levels in your blood streams to give you a solid and rigid look.  These compounds naturally exist in your blood, by using Muscle Boost X,  their amount is being increased to get your optimum growth goals. You will feel more energetic,  crazy and enthusiastic to play harder after adding this natural supplement to your health regime.

Active Ingredients:

Muscle Boost X does not contain any steroids, whichis ultimately harmful to your body health. For attaining the extreme benefits it is manufactured using 100% natural ingredients which mainly includes the testosterone boosters, HGH boosters and thus increases your strength and sexual execution. It mainly includes

  • L-Arginine: It is a naturally existing amino acid found in the body.It helps in protein synthesis.Nitric Oxide (NO) is produced in the body using L-Arginine.It relaxes the blood vessels, resulting in more oxygen-enriched blood to circulate in your blood arteries, which ultimately makes you look solid, huge and rigid.It also boosts the production of human growth hormone (HGH).It has been used excessively for treating men infertility.
  • L-Citrulline: It is a non-essential amino acid which is later converted into L-Arginine in the kidneys. It is used for reducing the fatigue and thus it increases the output of hard training, you are doing in the gyms.
  • Creatine: It is a naturally existing ingredient which is later converted into Creatine Phosphate inside the body. It produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The energy required for muscle contractions is obtained from ATP. Creatine helps to attain huge muscle mass and thus an outburst of strength.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Over the decades, Tribulus Terrestris has been used for body building and sexual issues. It is used in aform of fruit, leaf or roots by adding with other ingredients in supplements.
  • Tongkat Ali: Tongkat Ali is known to be the king of sex drives, amedicinalherbfound in Asia. It is famous for being excessively used in the testosterone boosters and other male enhancement supplements.

By looking at the ingredients of Muscle Boost X, it can be clearly said that this supplement makes it possible to enjoy and avail each and every intimate moment with your partner and you will remainphysically fit in and even after your 30’s.

How to use Muscle Boost X?

The manufacturer claims the following steps to be followed to achieve the 100% results. It has been reported that the men who followed the complete instruction by adding these supplements to their diet have achieved their targets of gaining muscles from 10 to 14 kg within the two months. That is something more than superb. The proper instructions include

1- Take a healthy diet- Maintaining balanced, proper and healthy diet is the main constituent of attaining a desired and attractive body.Add more and more proteins to your diet with small mealsof about 2-4 hour gap. Drinking a plenty of water is also a part of maintaining healthier and fresher look.

2- Plan a Workout – Training hard in the gym, lifting weights and doing all other exercises that suit your body ultimately results in solid and strong muscles.

3-Take Muscle Boost x-Take two tablets of muscle Boost X after 30 minutes of exercise daily. It should always be taken in an appropriate dose.


  • It contains 100% natural ingredients.It is free from fillers, binders or any artificial chemicals.
  • It increases the physical stamina and overall strength.
  • It helps to achieve the workout goals in a shorter time.
  • It helps to gain muscle mass and make your pumps grow bigger and bigger.
  • It does not have any harmful side effects on your health.
  • There is no need to get some therapy after taking these supplements.
  • It increases testosterone level in your body.
  • It increases the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • It results in fat burning with much percentage.
  • It increases the metabolism rate.
  • It comes with a risk-free trial.
  • It makes you feel good, relaxed and energetic than before.
  • It improves your sex drive.
  • It has been approved bydifferent clinical assessments.


  • It has not been approved by the FDA.
  • The results may vary person to person.
  • It is not the alternative for exercise or healthy eating.It is only effective with exercise and healthier food.
  • It is not intended for the treatment of any disease.
  • It is usually not available in medical stores and can only be ordered online.
  • It canonly be used by above 18.
  • Always buy it from an authentic website to avaoid any type of scam.

How to order:

Muscle Boost X is available online. You can easily place the order at the brand’s officialwebsite can take a free trial for 18 days, which only includes paying the delivery charges of $4.95. After a trial of 18 days, the second charge would be $89.73.For other customer services,you can contact at 1-888-534-6470.

In 2016, muscle Boost X has proven to be the #1 Testo-Explosion supplement available in the market. To fully attainyour sexual desires with your spouse and maintain the healthy, solid and attractive muscular body, Muscle Boost X is the most promising and right choice for you.

Dont Buy Patriot Power Greens A Super Food With Complaints By Users!

Getting the best super food which is the healthiest one and could give a boost to your health is every one’s dream. Patriot Power greens is the only super food right now for which people has greatest tendency and its recurring customers are very high. Almost 87% of its customers are ordering it again and again which signals its quality. The Formula is modern day technology in which all herbs were studied with latest research with knowing their potential vitamins and minerals with the needs of body. No one needs to spend huge sum of money just to get those placebo super foods which do nothing to your body before buying an effective supplement. If someone is cautious about the ingredients contained in it we have explained all the details of those substances in paragraphs below.


What is Patriot Power Greens?

It is a super food made by combining 35 different vegetables, fruits, herbs, probiotics and enzymes for optimum health. These multiple ingredients give you an opportunity to intake diverse and most perfect diet for your wellbeing. The daily diet, a person ingests does not fulfill his body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Benefits Of Patriot Power Greens:

  • Energy levels at their climax
  • Speedy fat loss and digestion of food.
  • Better and sharp focus that helps in routine tasks.
  • Assist anyone to get lean and solid muscles.
  • Increases bone density which results in solid bones and strength.
  • Improved immunity against all bacterial infections and mild diseases like flu, cough, headache and inflammation.
  • Buffered or healthy ph level
  • No anxiety and ambiguity
  • Cleanse body internally acts as an antioxidant.

Producer Of Patriot Power Greens:

Produced by Patriotic Health Alliance which is Utah based company in USA and it is said they donate a part of their sales to U.S Army.  Dr. Lane Sebring is the head of team which formulated this potent supplement. Under his guidance the team was able to successfully formulate the super food having no reaction.

How Does it Work?

The probiotics and enzymes included in this formula, reduces inflammation, gastro and stomach swelling. It helps the stomach to digest the food easily that helps in getting energy and less stored fats in the body. Sometimes malnutrition or daily diet regimen becomes the reason for your health problems. The malnutrition might be the cause of dry and rough skin with no attraction. Brittle hair which break easily while combing and scalp with follicles get weak. Dizziness and weak bones are the result of a wrong diet or improper nutrition that affects negatively. When you take patriot power greens it makes skin shining and naturally attractive because it provides essential ingredients to the skin which make it glowing and smooth.

Patriot power greens review is consumer centric and it has also positive effects on your brain as it improves cerebral brain efficiency. It will increase functioning of neurons which communicate between different body parts. The confidence level will also see a boost after using it constantly.

The most important part of the patriot power is not only the green food and herbs but the efficacy to make you able to do excessive workouts. Due to increased energy and metabolism with greater number of fat burn transforms your body completely. You can build the body, make abs and high stamina.

Ingredients of patriot power greens:

  • Green and Sea food
  • Organic chicory
  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Beet juice powder
  • Goji berry extract
  • Arnia
  • Acai
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes

Is it a scam?

Patriotic health alliance manufactures many supplements and the quality of those supplement have no match with other brands. The consumer reviews on patriot power greens are positive even they terming it a source of quality natural products. They provide you what you pay for with millions of consumers and excellent customer support. If you have any problem with your order you can cancel it any time. If an order has been delivered and you don’t want to accept that package you can return it but you have to bear delivery charges. There is nothing fishy in it to term it as a scam. There are no complaints against patriot greens which is also a good signal before buying it.

Price and Trial:

It has three different packages 1 bottle , three and five bottles. One bottle costs at around $59 while three bottles cost at $159 and the price for 5 bottle package is also same as of three. If you are willing to get a free trial then they will provide you for only 7 days and no more. For the delivery of package to your destination you pay $2.99. Both the products are available with a money back guarantee. The cost of Patriot Power Green is $49.95. The cost per serving becomes $1.66. On the other hand, Athletic Green costs $3.23 per serving. Hence, Athletic Green is expensive as compared to the Patriot Power Greens.

Difference Between Patriot Power and Athletic Greens

Patriot Power Greens and Athletic Green are super drinks for boosting your health. They contain all the organic vegetables and fruits. They contribute to a boundless energy. Both of the supplements basically work on the common principle. The increased alkaline formula helps to enrich the starving cells with alkaline. It helps to improve the digestion health of the body. They enhance the immunity system of the body and provides the neural strength. Let’s find the best of these two.


A famous Dr. Lane Sebring synthesized Patriot power Green. It was primarily designed for the U.S military men. It helped the aged military men to perform equivalent to the freshmen. Hence its purchase is highly supported by the military.

Athletic Green is linked to a nutritionist Mr. Chris, the Kiwi. He is known to develop this formula to gain the personal optimum health. He worked with other well-experienced doctorates to develop the strong formula.

Nutritional value:

Patriot Power Greens contains a mixture of 40 fruits and vegetables. It also contains 6 digestive enzymes and 10 probiotic strains in each serving. Athletic Green is all in one supplement containing servings of 11 essential supplements. It contains all the necessary multi vitamins, multi minerals, antioxidants and digestive enzyme blends.

According to the research, Athletic Green is not a complete serving as compared to Patriot Power Greens. The Athletic Green lacks the supply of essential minerals; Calcium and Magnesium. You have to maintain a healthier diet to compensate the deficiency of these minerals. It also lacks a number of probiotic and digestive enzymes.

Purchasing Feasibility:

Both the supplements are available at the doorstep by making an online order. The manufacturers offer the money back guarantee.

Patriot power Greens has more particularly won the hearts of customers. It offers 200% and 100% money back guarantee. They also offer 5 different gifts on the purchase of Patriot Power Greens. The gifts include

  • The shaker bottle.
  • Booklet on how to avoid the drugs.
  • Booklet on the Cure of pains.
  • Free shipping and
  • Free donation of this supplement to the military men.

Side effects:

Both green drinks are so far the best health boosting supplement. They do not contain any artificial sweeteners, pesticides or any other allergens. Many of the other green drinks available on the market contain lead, arsenic, and harmful bacteria. Patriot Green and Athletic Green are the 100% natural formulas without any side effects.


Comprehensively Patriot Green and Athletic Green are the instant energy boosters. The two hottest Green drinks are really the need of your body. They can keep up your energy level in the late 40’s. However, depending upon the cost, feasibility and nutritional value, Patriot power Greens is the clear winner. It is a proven better pick.

AnibolX Side Effects, Ingredients In this Review Unearthed Completely

AnibolX is a pure complement which will increase muscle measurement, testosterone, power and vitality of physique. It’ll give you the outcomes that you simply by no means had earlier than with another nutritional complement. It delivers instant outcomes if you utilize it earlier than workout, you’ll expertise vital enhance in the standard of your work out if you utilize AnibolX. All of the substances in AnibolX are free from dangerous unintended effects and have been repeatedly examined in numerous researches. A few of the important ingredients in AnibolX are L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and Creatine. AnibolX works by raising the quantity of blood flow within the physique. When the blood circulation is enhanced, nutrients and oxygen are abundantly delivered to each part of physique, this ensures most vitality manufacturing, correct nourishment and improvement of muscles. AnibolX is ready to take action as a result of it incorporates L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

Along with the advantages, AnibolX additionally improves your sexual well being and stamina by growing the whole testosterone in your physique and optimizing the hormonal steadiness. This once more not directly helps in gaining muscles and power. AnibolX not solely improves your physique, however has great results in your mind as effectively. It enhances your focus, reminiscence, temper and motivation, which switches you on and helps to carry out higher time in sessions workout and gym sessions. It additionally assists in rising HGH in your physique which is one other essential aspect for getting greater and stronger naturally and shortly. HGH has heaps of advantages for athletes, physique builders and weight lifters which have been demonstrated in numerous scientific research up to now. L-Arginine will increase the extent of Nitric Oxide within the physique which aids in enhanced blood move, vitality manufacturing, oxygen and Nitric Oxide.

To maximize its results some bodybuilders use it with apple cider vinegar which helps in getting lean muscle mass and burning body fats. The mixture with apple vinegar can also boost your metabolism and digestion in the body.


  • Boost libido
  • Increases muscles mass
  • More confidence
  • Better energy and stamina
  • More time for intimacy.
  • Long lasting harder erection.
  • More ability to intercourse

How AnibolX Works?

AnibolX is meant to spice up your free testosterone ranges within the physique and to return the pure ranges of testosterone that will have been drained with age or different reasons. You’re taking this product in powder type and it may be mixed with smoothies, milk shakes or with every other foods which might be a portion of your food regimen. After you’re taking this complement, it’s engrossed into your blood after which the amount of testosterone will increase. As the degrees rise it then permeates your muscles, giving them better ability to construct toned and leaned body. The ingredients which are listed within the product are additionally studied as elevating the degrees of testosterone within the physique. There was evidently a clinical take a look at finished amongst two teams with one group taking placebo and the opposite taking the true product with the next group reporting better results by the time.

Side Effects:

There is no such thing as a negative effect of AnibolX. It’s made by pure and wholesome substances and it’s safe to ingest. It’s medically confirmed product. You simply want to make use of it in line with the urged instructions. AnibolX offers you the upper degree of testosterone and Muscle Energy in your physique and likewise gives your physique a lovely form. Sometimes, consuming protein and work out is simply not sufficient to get the huge positive factors that you just really need. This product is designed to enhance the extent of testosterone in male’s physique. The truth is, many males are affected by low degree testosterone that spoil their probabilities of receiving large muscle outcomes. So, this product is of course and safely will increase your testosterone quantity to get you the specified outcomes you need. It’s the time to improve your health from common to astonishing in simply a week. You don’t need work more to get the physique that you really want.

How does AnibolX increases libido?

By means of males’ age, it begins naturally down the testosterone degree by the passage of time. And, that spoiled their capability to provide lean muscle quickly. AnibolX is right here that will help you out. As a result, it naturally and safely will increase testosterone ranges to the highest muscle constructing zone. Then, it balances out the remaining hormones so that there is nothing that stops you from receiving the outcomes you need. When testosterone degree is just too low, estrogen tends to be in excessive amount. However, AnibolX takes care all of those issues for you so you may produce the muscles you need. AnibolX Testosterone Booster will help you to get your required outcomes within much less time. The time you see males with superior health, it typically means they dedicate all their time within the gymnasium. However, actually it’s not. There are lot of nice merchandise got here available in the market.

Where to buy?

You can buy it from official website.


Zytek XL Increases Erection and Intimacy Or A Foul Claim?

Spending too much time in the club and ingesting properly with no past experience results could be frustrating and problematic for many males. The things many fail to consider is attaining a ripped, powerful, and strong body is not just weight loss. To see ideal benefits, it is usually advised to consider a libido elevating product. With the proper product, you will manage to acquire potent exercises, successful benefits, and the body.

A product which has attained a lot of focus up to now is Zytek XL. This is all you should learn about this unique product to help you take judgments before taking it:

Zytek XL is an excellent supplement. Using this product that is in pills shape, you will encounter intense exercises, effective thermogenic benefits of fat reduction, and testosterone creation. All these benefits, brought jointly, permit significant development with a ripped and robust physique.

The item is surely a natural one as claims the manufacturer. You no longer need to think about additives and poor ingredients. Zytek XL is made to offer you benefits using the greatest and efficient substances out there.

Increases testosterone:

Zytek XL relies on the actual honest principle which is that men’s testosterone gets lower with their age. It is really problematic and difficult specifically since libido strengthens muscles, libido, energy and vigor. With reduced libido levels, you’re likely to experience dizziness, low or no intimacy. The item functions to rehabilitate libido amounts to be able to satisfy the covert potential of your body. While increasing libido in the body, you will ultimately manage to successfully lose weight, build muscle, and have the greater stamina for exercising.

How Does It Work?

As reported by the organization, the product is produced in America in a GMP facility that fulfills all FDA recommendations. For Western clients, Zytek XL is produced in the UK, and fulfills all of the demands. Zytek XL consists of pure substances like aminos, extracts, minerals and vitamins. It does not include any restricted ingredient, and it is safe in the prescibed dosage as excess may affect negatively. If used routinely with a workout supplement then it can benefit in both cases making the body to produce free Ts naturally, that will increases lean muscle, along with less recovery time and better stamina to do workouts.

Medical Studies:

Another benefit of Zytek XL is that it is medically proven to perform well. It is crucial because the most of the products out there aren’t examined, and that’s why you get unsatisfied usually.

Relating to Zytek XL, the creators of the supplement researched on several men and analyzed how the supplement performed to enhance lean muscles, libido, greater libido amounts, and fat burning. Part of the lads in the team got a placebo, other were provided with zytek XL.

After the research, experts figured that it really did work. The men which were given placebo did not show an improvement, since the guys using Zytek XL achieved the changes the supplement offered. Along with medical tests, you are able to experience the benefits in utilizing the product.


  • Fenugreek extract
  • Tribulus
  • Maca Root
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Yohimbe
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Horny Goat Weed

Free Trial

If you are serious, Zytek XL is now supplying a discount on their landing page. Once you go to site and place an order, you will get your trial it is not free as you have to pay shipment cost. This trial period only lasts for 14 day after that you have to pay for monthly subscription. If you are not satisfied with the results then you have to cancel your monthly order. If you do not cancel your subscription then there are high chances of getting another bottle so you should be wary of that.

Side Effects:

This formula comprises of Fenugreek extract, Tribulus, Tongkat and Saw Palmetto all are herbs and pure natural ingredient. These ingredients have no health hazards. As of now there have been thousands of bottles dispatched and no one has complained against Zytek XL. It makes your drive exact zytek like running on the roads and bed is same.

Rock Hard Long And Strong for a Firm and Robust Erection

It is the dream of everyone to have a big erection as compared to smaller one. Sometimes one’s girlfriend can also make a fun of small size. For this purpose, everyone needs a longer erection. People try to use multiple techniques these methods are forcible enhancement which includes extenders and pumps. Pills and supplements are also being used as a treatment to enhance male organ size. These techniques are very viable and a number of people have seen great results.

Normally, penile enlargement really does work in most cases. You will discover supplements and methods available to help you attain the male erection and enhancement plans. Yet, there are a lot of cheap and poor performing products just to scam people.

Avoid the products making lofty claims. You cannot find any quick solution to enhancement. There is no miracle pill, supplement to quickly provide long lasting results. No matter whatever the snake oil or bull oil is being sold as an ultimate solution to enhancement. Yes, you can find a few pills which will quickly provide results. But those pills fail to treat your problem completely as the results are temporary. But yes hopefully there is an option to treat your erection for the long term which is called Long and Strong male enhancement.

What is “Rock Hard Long and Strong”?

The name itself explains well about this product as it makes erection longer and stronger. A bigger erection is necessary to satisfy intimately your partner. I have a personal experience of my relationship. My Girlfriend just left me due to a smaller size of male organ. She did a random intercourse with my friend and then she fell in love with him just due to his bigger size which I later knew. It really hurts if you like the girl very much and the relation is years old. So, if someone is having smaller size then he should try to make it big, thick and rock hard longer and stronger erection.

It is uniquely designed by dedicated researchers at RockHard center. They have devoted years for their researches the distinct substances included in this product are worth to be revealed to the readers of in this post.

Benefits and Pros:

  • Increased male size and rock hard erection.
  • Increases sexual hormones in the body to increase the desire to do sex.
  • More time in the bed.
  • Controls and prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Extraordinary stamina
  • The supplement has got GMP certificate.


Oyster shell: It is used in supplement to fulfill the calcium need. It particularly solidifies bones and makes them stronger. It is essential for bones, nervous system and heart.

Muira Puama: Is an efficient herb which is used as a medication for improvement sexual abilities. There have been more than 50 studies which have proved muira puama as an effective ingredient to boost sexual abilities.

Maca root is being hailed by all as proactive testosterone enhancing herbs. There are some researchers claiming to have examined some subjects consuming Maca to have more than 200% testosterone. This is a huge claim but we just have to nod at this.

Horny goat weed: the characteristics of this product were found by chance. A herder noticed the difference after his goats ate this herb. He then named it horny goat weed means a weed making goats horny. The behavior changed much quickly which proves that it is fast to act. It can make your male organ long and robust.

Where to buy?

You cannot buy it from any of popular stores due to its unavailability. Yet you can get it online from the direct sales page of the merchant. The procedure to purchase it is very easy as you just need to place your order on their website and product will reach at destination within 3 days as being told.

Side effects:

It is just a blend of herbs means you are not going to ingest any toxic ingredient that makes it safe to consume product. The research about its reaction is not limited to a large number of consumers have already used it and they are recommending rockhard long and strong for better erection.

Alpha Force Testo For Your Male Enhancement Worries. Read My Review

Alpha Force Testo provides a balanced healthy means for maintaining libido quantities when you get older to retain a tender look, lean body mass, and strength.

Alpha Force Testo is a mixture of unique substances that have shown to produce and keep superior libido amounts. Numerous recognized muscle building products result in the exact claims. Yet, this supplement handles the issue associated with reduced testosterone. Along with stimulating your body to make greater levels of testosterone, Alpha Force Testo consists of substances that motivate the body to help totally free the chained testosterone as well as protect against breaking down.

How does it Function?

Alpha Force Testo performs in a unique pattern. Initially, natural ingredients stimulate the production of more libido. Secondly, Alpha Force Testo features products which stop libido from Sex hormone bninding globulin. Last, Alpha Force Testo contains natural herbs recognized to decrease the speed of libido dysfunction and transformation of libido to estrogen.

Advantages of Alpha Force Testo come from the better testosterone level. As well as a boost in muscle, males notice a decline in fats, more vitality, and a surge in stamina. , increased libido carries a number of less popular however verified advantages, like controlled glucose levels, reduced levels associated with blood insulin resistance, reduced hypertension, and cardio wellness. Alpha Force Testo isn’t only perfect for the muscles, but perfect for your wellbeing too.


  • Astonishing and wonderful erection that lasts long.
  • Provides a full grip on ejaculation that results in curbing premature release.
  • More energy, vigor, stamina.
  • Improved levels of testosterones.
  • Better focus and recalling ability.
  • Alertness and confidence in relationship.
  • Increased intimacy with partner.
  • More satisfied and enjoying life.


In latest research, experts discovered that guys who had perfect level of libido enjoyed a thirty percent surge in muscles versus guys who had not. The boys research also concluded that results varies with the change of person, so bodybuilders might have further significant benefits. Fixing reduced testosterone will have a massive impact not only on looks, but on your whole body.

Bioperine: is an extract of pepper which boosts the ingestion and substances in intestinal tract.

Boron: named as a vital nutrient, however it includes a number of medical benefits. It results in an effective hormonal stability along with bones sturdiness, decrease in irritation, and also a number of good medical benefits. Most of all, boron lowers the quantities of  binding SHBG, that will reduce amounts of free testosterone by way of holding it prior to being consumed.

Korean Red Ginseng: is utilized to enhance libido amounts in conventional medication. It has been seen that it is most effective in improving testosterone level. As the procedure is unidentified, Korean red ginseng improves libido amounts significantly, leading to additional muscular benefits and improved power.

Luteolin: Almost all the loss of libido linked to aging is because of higher level of libido transformed into estrogen. Practically males after that possess reduced vitality, decreased vigor, and fragile muscles due to low testosterone however they will also experience negative effects due to estrogen.

Lots of men taking testosterone boosting products might enhance estrogen as libido amounts improve. Luteolin let no increase the levels of estrogen. The substance that is found in lemon prevents the actual change of male hormone to female sexual hormones. It also encouraging prevents extra libido formulation.

Mucuana: It is an extract that allows you stabilize testosterone, primarily enhancing the level of free testosterone in blood vessels. Yet, it provides extra perks too. It provides L-Dopa that can stabilize the emotions. It also improves the hormones pertaining to development. Human growth hormones allows you to develop lean muscle mass and strong bones. It is surely a wonderful ingredient in Alpha Force Testo supplement.

Nettle Root: is a plentiful resource for natural lignans. The organic ingredient in fact adheres to SHBG to enhance the free testosterone hormones in blood. Furthermore, it contains ß-Sitosterol, that normally improves libido formation. Moreover, this herb also decreases levels of estrogen. Lowering oestrogen truly boosts libido formation.

Customer reviews:

Truman hague: Since I just got to my post thirties, I observed my own muscle mass beginning contract. I started weightlifting and ingesting simple food, however, the results were fewer. I experienced a sudden improvement once I commenced consuming Alpha Force Testo. After that I began body building in gym and my results were very quick and encouraging. I got a great immunity against viral diseases like flu, headache etc. I have a great and robust stamina with tremendous energy.

Side Effects:

There have been reports of reactions due to such supplement. But alpha force testo is an exception. It is a unique supplement in its nature. It is fast acting and result oriented supplement that is efficient in its working.

Phallyx Male Enhancement Review and Potential Side Effects

Androgenic hormone or testosterone is essential for muscle building and pushing your sexual prowess. Nevertheless receptors for that hormone in-fact are present in your entire body, from your very own brain to your bone fragments in your bloodstream. Therefore, if you are low on Testosterone, the medical effects might stretch out beyond a fitness center and also the bedroom, states endocrinologist Bradley Anawalt, M.D., a representative to the Endocrine Community. Despite the fact that testo-sterone amount in no way gets to nil. But men with Low Ts have to encounter signs like tiredness, reduced sexual drive, and also reduction in muscle tissue. Although poor libido is much more frequent in more aged males. It may also appear in youthful guys also. Luckily, most of the reasons for poor libido present in teenagers usually are manageable. When you go through similar signs, just never overlook that. There are many treatments like Phallyx offers in the market which might help you out.


Like many other supplements dealing the low testosterone and erectile dysfunction problems. Phallyx also claims to effectively deal with your sexual problems within couple of weeks. It is the mix of ancient and modern day knowledge to improve your sexual virility and vigor. Formula is unique in its nature and very effective as it boasted by company. They are also providing a 14 day free trial at just the shipment cost. Its expansion technology increases blood flow to penis which results in increased length.

How it Works?

It simply stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide which increases the blood flow in the penis. The increased blood flow gives strength, firmness and better control on your ejaculation. Due to acces of nitric oxide vessels get relaxed. Men become relaxed and stress free after using it. According to officials this is pure natural and prescription free supplement. So, you don’t need to worry about using it. But our recommendation is to always consult your physician before using any supplement or drug. Be careful with your health.


  • Increases male size
  • Phallyx boosts stamina
  • Help loose body fats.
  • No more muscle corrosion
  • Bigger, harder, stronger and longer erection
  • Satisfied partner
  • Confidence in oneself


L-arginine: is a protein which enables to produce aminoacids. It additionally gets nitric oxide within the body. Nitric Oxide is essential towards erectile function as it allows arteries relax thus extra oxygen-rich bloodstream may flow by your veins. Blood circulation into the veins of your penis is critical to get regular erections.

Try to be cautious regarding using L-arginine in case you are already using proven ED medicines. L-arginine might result in a person’s hypertension dropping. If you have reduced bp or using drugs to regulate your own bp, you need to stay away from L-arginine. Recommendation is to speak with your doctor prior to trying l-arginine.

Saw Palmetto: Indigenous people of Sarasota trusted saw palmetto fruits to get nutrition. But, Folks generally did not like the tastes. Ancient therapeutic usage of saw palmetto isn’t documented. It absolutely was presented in European clinical technique in 1870s and it was a popular with Contemporary physicians regarding prostate gland along with urologic ailments.

Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed has a considerable reputation in established Asian treatments. Its full name horny goat is simply because a goat observed goats turned intimately triggered after consuming the herb. Just like several dietary supplements, the statements regarding the usefulness of horny goat weed tend to be considerable. Since they are accurate for lots of products, investigation about the outcomes of horny goat weed about mankind is bound.

Research printed in Journal of Sexual Medicine looked into the results found on rats. Experts learned that rats given pure herb of horny goat weed confirmed superior erections.

Bio-Piperine: is a herb obtained from pepper. Piperine is exactly what provides all kinds of peppers the peppery tastes. This unique herb can be sold as the dietary supplement. It is recently been discovered to boost ingestion of the different nutrients. However several of the features of piperine haven’t yet been solidly proven.  You might get immune-suppressing and antioxidant results. Whereas piperine is most likely safe, quite a few issues have already been brought up.

Where to Buy?

You can easily access this product from official site of merchant. It is also available in trial and sale package. There is no other way to buy it. You cannot acquire it from over the counter.

Side Effects:

This product contains 100% natural ingredient with established history about their efficiency. You don’t need to worry about its interactions.


Low testosterone, unable to do intimacy and erection problems are a severe embarrassment in-front of your partner. An un-satisfied partner might cheat on you. This gives a sense of insecurity and family ruins. If you are facing erection and low testosterone problem then you should use Phallyx. As it is trusted ancient formula with modern day research.

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