Liva Derma Serum SCAM and side effects: Should you buy it OR NOT?

Liva derma Serum Review: There is no one who does not want to possess beautiful looking skin but to maintain those charms come handy if you are exposed to environmental pollutants and bad food style. The UV rays in sunlight are highly active rays which directly penetrate deep skin cells and infect them. That leads to loosing up their tightness and in case of sensitive skin they burst inside and create buds, acnes and dumps. It is not always these environmental problems that create dry and scarred skin. It is aging too which affects facial beauty and body health.

liva derma serum

In the market of million products there are very few formulas which can address such symptoms. According to recently conducted study which shows that about 25 to 30 products are being launched daily to treat skin related issue in USA only. From that figure only you can guess that how hard it becomes to choose a genuine formula. If you go after their claims then every product is a honey trap and you will find that it is the best solution which you should go after. But later, it leaves you with skin allergies, redness and hyper skin sensitivity. So before buying any such formula one needs a vigorous research on the subject so you don’t have to face unwanted consequences. Liva derma is also another anti aging and skin fairness solution but why this formula is getting noticed by users than hundreds and thousands of others?

What is liva derma?

It is a state of the art dermatologists research based formula having no previous traces and uses scientifically proven techniques supporting its claims and benefits. The formula has 7 ingredients which are naturally extracted from plants and trees. The formula is specially formulated and manufactured in Chicago derma club known for their own exclusive formulas. Liva derma is a Serum which is used for facial area and supposed to be helpful in treating eye bags, dark color and loose skin.

How Liva Derma does Work?

Liva derma contains a wide range of complex substance as potential as peptides but there is no banned or unknown ingredient included in this product. When you first start applying the serum on your skin it gradually peaks in to the deeper area which are affected by sunrays. Don’t thing that it will be an acidic or nature and peel your outer skin to bring a fresh new skin which will be highly sensitive. That technique is old and that is why the people using such creams have reported allergies. But in case of Liva Derma there is nothing to be feared as its ph level is neutral and it does not react with skin. What it does is that it supports the basis functioning cells and tissues found in lower dermis layer which in return lifts skin up and bring its natural glow and shine back. The collagen and elastin which are most vital proteins needed to support skin. These proteins keep skin soft, youthful and maintain its elasticity intact. The wrinkles and eye bags are the result of low collagens which could be regained by stimulating their production.

Claimed Benefits of Liva Derma?

  1. It restores the youth and softness of your skin.
  2. Helps in treating the faded collagens and reverses the aging symptoms.
  3. Treats lower eye bags and dark color or fading color problem.
  4. A brilliant fairness formula too.
  5. Anti allergic and adaptive to the skin nature.
  6. Tightens and firms the skin.
  7. Moisturizes and vanishes the dryness

What ingredients are in Liva Derma?

The ingredients in this formula are retinol, peptides and roots extracts from Texas and Florid. The Liva derma serum actively lifts wrinkles and loose skin to appear bright and beautiful.

Where to buy and how to use?

The price of this solution is mere $30 and you can get that buy online website of the merchant. Liva derma although is not present at Amazon, eBay, GNC, Walmart, Walgreens or any other online product selling company but you can still get it from producers directly. The strategy of selling it by them is to interact with consumers and better guide them directly so they feel exclusiveness and a sense of being cared. After you have ordered the package you get it within 3 weeks. The usage is simple as you put the serum on your hands and or directly put drops on your face and then spread it on your whole face. After putting or massaging it on your face leave it as it is for at least 6 to 8 hours and that is why recommended to use before going to bed.

Liva Derma a Scam:

Live derma has contact number and details of their business presence although the product is not evaluated by FDA but the company is registered in America. They offer free trial at shipment cost and full refunds of the product you have bought even if the seal is broken. After reading all those policies even a fool will not dare to say it a scam but in case they contradict their ownself then we can nit say anything.

Liva Derma Customer Service: The employees at there are very helpful and they try their best to resolve any problem which their revered customer is facing. The contact information is also available at their official Webpage. You can find contact details like phone number, email and their official address in U.S.A.

Liva derma retinol face serum was not discussed at shark tank. It is not made by someone from shark tank. It could only be hype by someone that it was recommended by Shark-Tank which it is not. There is no second thought on its usefulness as it is a great face renewal cream.

Customer reviews:

Lisa Coble Reviews: My skin was wearing wrinkles and was being affected by dryness. I used moisturizing lotion and that did help but to treat my wrinkles was a problem for me. By using Liva derma straight 5 weeks I was able to reverse 60% of my wrinkles. I thinking of using it for 3 months as I am quite optimistic that in this was my wrinkles will be reduced to zero and that is my ultimate goal.

Helen Reviews: I thought only surgeries can reduce those wrinkles and even in the age of Internet I was so wrong and misinformed. Somehow I found liva derma serum and ordered it just for testing purpose but then realized how a small step can bring a huge change.


To reduce wrinkles you might think of surgery or injections a last treatment to rid of those wrinkles but you could be so wrong. Before going to any painful treatment of reducing you fine lines just try Liva Derma serum that could change your facial expressions.


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