Muscle1 Strength1 formula: Know side effects, benefits of this supplement

In the market of millions of products just claiming to enhance muscle mass, burning body fats and increasing testosterones to fill you with energy, passion and enthusiasm, why there was a need of another supplement like muscle1? Almost everyone in the gym or some doing routine workouts knows very well that modern day products are full of deceptions. The manufacturers do false claims and in their publications celebrities and renowned personalities’ fake recommendations are used as a decoy to make you trust on their products. Does doing so make their product effective and if it gives the buyer the intended results? Obviously, a big never!

But the muscle1 strenght1 formula is an authentic solution and is void of such fraudulent claims. As there is a universal saying that quality and actions speak for themselves. The producers don’t need to get fake recommendations by trainers as the real ones are already recommending it to their fellows. Due to the buzz in the local gyms, it is getting prominence and sales are record high company is breaking its own sales records weekly.

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Why is Muscle1 getting so popular?

The first reason of its popularity is a study carried out in Texas related to the clinical effects of pine needles. The results got in that study were astonishing as the extract of those needles burned fats like seen never before. The lean muscles, stacking and shredding the body was like as if someone is reshaping himself. There were increased testosterone levels too which helped in sexual complexities in just a matter of 4 weeks.

How is that possible?

During the research it was found that it contains 1-andro pre derived hormone. The hormone in itself was not andro1 but after being ingested in the body would convert to andro1 and that to testosterone which helps in multiple body functioning. That is the sole ingredient which the product is based on.


It is a pro hormone which stimulates the production of testosterone it is in fact dihydrotestosterone derivative. It is directly involved with the health of skin, brain, liver and hair. Its deficiency affects body in many ways. You would have seen aged people’s skin getting dry and their hair getting thin and week that is just because of the deficiency of these hormones in them. Many athletes use the supplements containing 1-adnro. Although such supplements are banned for athletes but for general public these are still legal and pose no threat to anyone. In 2004 steroids were banned by Bush administration and they even prepared a list of substances which were banned and 1-andro is not in that list. That concludes it is legal you can consume muscle1 is without worrying.

Benefits of Muscle1:

  • Burns and shred body fats
  • Makes body leaner and full of hardcore muscles.
  • Increased performance
  • Stronger hairs and youthful skin.
  • Increased immunity and improved digestion
  • Better performance
  • Sexual affinity and better erection
  • Mood lift and a happy day
  • Robust memory


You now when fat burns and body starts producing new tissues the feeling inside the body remains strangle. Some time blood pressure remains up to take of these weird things there is a free pack of armor8. Which is another product by muscle1 containing capsules need to swallow it and it maintains your body’s homeostasis.


  • It is a cheap formula
  • You get free armor8
  • No delivery charges
  • One moth full money back guarantee
  • You can order it digitally

Side effects:

Muscle1 does not contain any synthetic ingredient in it as it is claimed by the producer. It does not even contain a steroid in reality it contains a pre hormone that results in production of hormones that is in any case cannot be termed as a steroid. Its sole ingredient is told as pine needle extract.

Pricing details:

Its cost is $59 only that too contains an additional package of armor8. It contains 60 capsules 2 per day one before breakfast and other before going to sleep. You can order it from your mobile or tabloid from the muscle1 website which shows some testimonials of its consumers who have already used it. Many of you might try it to buy from Amazon and GNC but it is not available there yet.

Customer Reviews:

John Gaumba: After joining University I joined the gym just to make some fine cut abs but when I started doing daily workouts it came out that it was a tough task to do. Making fine cut abs within couple of months was not possible for me. Then I started purchased muscle1 sstrength1 formula and within just four weak my belly was ripped and my muscles were harder than ever.

Justyn shyre: I was struggling to lose body fats and I was on diet control regimen and fortunately I discussed my routine with a wise man. He lectured me that eating less is not the antidote to your weight gains problem. he told me sometimes a decrease in a particular substance in the body might result in weight gain. The testosterone is not only sexual hormones it also keeps your body fertile and stronger than before.


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